Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Rock wool Paroc GRS 20 100mm

Rock wool Paroc GRS 20 100mm


PAROC GRS 20 is a stone ground slab for insulating basement walls and foundations. Their main purpose, apart from thermal insulation, is to prevent water seepage under the foundation and in its outer layer. The compression stress of the slab is 20 kPa, which means that the slab can withstand 2000kg/m2 of weight. For the insulation to be effective, one side of the slab should be in contact with a warm structure such as a floor and the other side should be in contact with the ground.


Thermal conductivity λD 0,035 W/mK
Density ϱ 115 kg/m3
Fire classification A1
Compressive stress at 10% deformation 20 kPa
Tensile strength perpendicular to faces *NPD
Point load 150 N
Available thickness (mm) 50, 100
Additional information waterproof


Dimensions and packing

Slabs per pack
[pcs.] / [m2]
Packs per pallet
[pcs.] / [m2]
[m2 × K/W]
50 1 200 600 6 / 4,32 21 / 90,72 1,40
100 1 200 600 3 / 2,16 21 / 45,36 2,85

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Rock wool Paroc GRS 20 100mm

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